What is this Program in Guelph all about?

We've brought together two very active and highly motivated Guelph community members who are passionate about filling gaps within our community when it comes to the holidays and we're ready to launch this program. We have just under a month before Christmas and we are ready to spread some holiday cheer this season within our community! Read our 'About Us' section on our web site to learn more about the founders of this program!


The Guelph's Holiday Angel Program will match donors with individuals in need of gifts in order to make this holiday season a bit more joyful. This is a heartwarming program for our vulnerable population who may be alone for many different reasons during the holiday season, or who simply cannot afford a gift for themselves. Vulnerable recipients include seniors, newcomers to Canada who are facing multiple challenges, individuals in need of housing support or living with an underlying mental health illness and families in need. This year, the Guelph Holiday Angels are overjoyed to be partnering with community organizations who help to ensure these individuals feel special and cared for during these challenging times.

We are hoping to bridge this gap in Guelph this holiday season and provide our generous and giving community members the opportunity to make a difference and provide an anonymous gift to someone in need.

Important Dates to Remember

Guelph's Holiday Angels is live and we are ready to take on applicants and donors! 

  • December 17th is the cutoff date to receive all applications

  • December 17th is the cutoff date to become a Holiday Angel and purchase a basket

  • December 22nd all baskets will be delivered to each respective person or facility

  • December 25th is the day the magic happens and the applicants open their gift on Christmas morning!