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Common Questions and Answers



When is the cutoff date to fill out an applicant form or a donor form?

December 18th will be the final day for accepting donors and applicants.

Can I include a personalized greeting card in my basket?

If you would like to drop off a gift card at Creative Edge downtown Guelph, you are welcome to as long as your card is properly labelled with your name on it. You can also include a personal message when you submit your donor application and we will be sure to include your message.

Who is your Program Targeting in the Community in Particular?

This year we are hoping to continue the magic of Christmas and provide a gift to those who are currently isolated from their families or who might not receive a gift given their current circumstances. We are targeting seniors and those are especially vulnerable during these challenging times. If you know someone who could use a gift and who could use some magic this holiday season, this anonymous gift gift program has been made for them!

Can Anyone Apply as an Applicant?

If you are applying on behalf of someone else, please ensure you have permission. Remember we are targeting three large facilities in Guelph this year (The Elliott, The Homewood and Women in Crisis and two Geared to Incoming Residential Buildings where a large population of Seniors Reside). We have anticipated more applicants and we have a limit of 200 baskets this year due to COVID-19 restrictions in order to limit contact points and mitigate risk.

How can I get a hold of the team?

You can send us an email at or you can message us on our facebook page.


If you have any feedback on the current program, please feel free to email us! This is our first year and we are always looking to improve for next year!

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