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Every Year the Guelph Holiday Angels Prepare a Community Cares Basket for a family experiencing an extremely difficult time this holiday season. Last year we were able to create a giant basket for the MACE family who had a house fire right before Christmas. We posted a link to donate to the basket and we can honestly say....the Community came together! 

This year, we have two families in need and we would love to give them some extra comfort and love this holiday season so they know the Community is behind them and we're right beside them during their difficult time right now.  Please donate to the link below and all donations will go towards a beautiful basket for both families. 

Our Community Cares Basket


Meet Amy Finamore and Her Family


Amy was diagnosed with triple-negative cancer in March 2015, she did chemo, radiation, and a bunch of surgeries for six years. A few months later, her heart stopped. She was revived and rushed to the hospital. A CT showed a marble-sized lesion in her brain that is consistent with metastatic breast cancer. 


This has been a massive challenge for Amy and her family. Amy has to endure multiple surgeries as more lesions are detected, along with radiation and the bone, CT, and MRI every 2-3 months.


As you can imagine, this has been mentally exhausting for Amy and her family, but she is determined to fight so she can be here for as long as possible and see her babies grow up and become young adults and succeed in their own lives.


She and her family try to live their best life as they navigate this journey together!

Thank you to the Guelph Holiday Angels for choosing our family this year, we are so appreciative ❤️

Meet: Adam Watters and His Family


Adam is the father of three young boys and has been told the heartbreaking news he has 3-5 years to live due to aggressive cancer. He is now on the journey of fighting for his life. 


His story starts differently. Adam had gone to the eye doctor because he was having trouble seeing in his right eye, little did he know that he had a cancerous tumour behind his retina. A short time later, Adam learned his cancer had spread to his blood. Doctors told Adam the heartbreaking news that he is now been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and it was time to start chemotherapy. Adam was able to decide if he wanted to take chemotherapy with pills or an IV. He chose pills so he could still go to work and support his family. At the time doctors told Adam his cancer was not super aggressive. After two months of chemotherapy treatment, Adam was struggling beyond words in pain and was not able to get out of bed due to his pain. He knew something was wrong, and further blood tests and doctor’s appointments revealed his cancer was spreading rapidly and had manifested in his joints and bones. Adam was given the final diagnosis of secondary bone cancer stage four and doctors told him he has 3 to 5 years to live. Adam absolutely cannot imagine not being there for his children, as they are the ones who keep him fighting every day.



Thank you to the Guelph Holiday Angels for choosing our family this year, we are so appreciative ❤️


Donate Now to the Community Cares Baskets for Amy and Adam

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